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The Art of Observing is a half-day intensive and interactive workshop that trains your visual literacy. Analyzing works of art in detail both sharpens the eye and focuses the mind in order to acquire the visual sharpness that is at the base of interpersonal communication and critical thinking. The workshop caters to those who wish to better understand and interpret the actions and reactions of conversation and negotiation partners. It also refines the analytic skills necessary for problem solving and strategic planning.

The Art of Observing in a work environment

Course goals

Look for evidence: acquire clear focusing tools
Identify details: learn to recognize before you interpret
Reset the mind: practice observing details before making assumptions
Perform a stepped process: observation/drawing conclusions/making inferences/arguing on evidence/making revisions

Methods of our Art of Observing workshop

• Analysis of digital images of paintings, sculpture, photography, and graphic novel panels
• Field study (if possible) of works of art in situ

Ovierview of the Art of Observing workshop

  • 1. Introduction to synchronic communication: the visual world
  • 2. Vision and emotion: how do we see in emotionally charged situations
  • 3. Visual Analysis
    • a. Inventory
    • b. Connections
    • c. Organization
  • 4.Recognizing artistic concepts
    • a. Figures
    • b. Space
    • c. Light and Color
  • 5. Articulating conclusions
  • 6. Practice directions

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