Preparation for THE IPMA certification

The International Project Management Association (IPMA) is a non-profit, Swiss-registered organization for the promotion of project management internationally. It provides standards and guidelines for project management professionals as well as certifications.

The objective of this preparation course for the IPMA (International Project Management Association) certifications is to best instruct the participants in each phase of the certification. This course is the ideal certification preparation for the IPMA Level D, C, and B. At the end of the training, the participants will have acquired the relevant project management knowledge about the technical, behavioral and contextual competences according to the IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB); and be ready to pass the IPMA certification exam.

IPMA certifications level

Method of our IPMA certification preparation

The preparation includes:

  • Self study – to acquaint the required knowledge and skills for each certification level;
  • Training by experienced trainers in workshops or individually.

The dates of the public course are aligned with the public certification cycle of the Swiss certification body VZPM.

Advantages of our IPMA certification preparation

  • Purely focused on certification preparation;
  • Experienced and certified coaches who lead you through the entire process of certifications;
  • Ability to align company specific PM methodology with internal PM training;
  • Exam preparation with a unique exam simulator including more than 350 exam-like questions;
  • Fully aligned with the public certification cycle offered by VZPM.

How does our IPMA certification preparation work

Preparation is slightly different depending on the IPMA level.

The preparation package for the IPMA certification includes:
- 3-5 evening seminars (depending on the level) of about 3 hours with a coach;
- Individual training where necessary;
- Online evaluation tool to determine the right level of IPMA certification and to prepare the registration;
- IPMA Prep Pack which consists of the e-learning course IPMA competencies and the exam simulator X-AM IPMA with 350 exam-like questions – for the individual preparation.

The preparation includes the following steps:
• Self-evaluation & registration (all Levels)
• Preparation for the written exam (Levels D/C)
• Preparation of the project description (Level B)
• Written exam (Levels D/C)
• Preparation of the project report (Level B)
• Preparation of the project report (Level C)
• Preparation for assessment interviews (Levels C/B)

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