Breakthrough Team Communication

Communication is the life blood of a team, and most of us take it for granted. Lack of effective communication causes teams to disintegrate, and unnecessary problems to occur.

Team Communication Skills

Our 2-day Team Communications course that shows you, how to:
- Understand the importance of intent and expectations
- Communicate simply and effectively in teams
- Listen actively
- Ensure that the team quickly starts to perform successfully

This course uses a little bit of theory mixed with team exercises, video-recording and constructive feedback.

Outline of our Team Communication Courses

- Introduction to the team dynamics
- How to constructively communicate in a team
- The part listening plays
- Team Building

Benefits of our Team Communication Courses

- Team Building: Quickly builds a cohesive and efficient team

- Provides team members with successful communication skills

- Allows team members to continue to work together after the workshop

- Provides participants with a methodology that allows them to:
**Define the problem from the audience's point of view
**Ensure that the solution addresses the REAL issues
**Decide how to most effectively communicate the message
**Communicate in a structured, clear and ordered manner

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