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This two-day course has been designed to meet the needs of non-finance staff and management in order to :
- Understand the financial aspects of an organization;
- Be able to analyze financial statements;
- Understand how finance affects companies and the results;
- Use financial information for decision making;
- Understand the link between accounting and management.

Finance for non financials

Overview of this Finance for Non financials training

• Familiarisation with the structure and contents of the basic Financial Statements.

• Using a Case Study, participants manage their business in small groups and prepare:
- Balance Sheets
- Profit and Loss Statements
- Cash Flow Statements

• Relationships between the Financial Statements

• Depreciation

• Familiarisation with the concepts and modern practices in the domain of Cost management. Specific tools introduced are:
- Break-even analysis
- Cost of Goods Sold
- Profit margin management and target pricing
- Earned Value Management
- Standard costing and variance analysis

• Specific tools for Long Term Project and Capital Expenditure decisions, and how to use them in investment decisions. The tools introduced are:
- Payback
- Net Present Value - NPV (also called Discounted Cash Flow-DCF)
- Internal Rate of Return – IRR

• Analysis of companies’ financial statements using Business Ratios, to support evaluation of the financial health of a company and to identify strengths, weaknesses and risks.

• Reading an Annual Report

• The link between Accounting and Management

What trainees of Finance for Non financials say

“I enjoyed the course very much. It fulfilled all my expectations and was, indeed, very useful. Edgar is an excellent trainer and he did a great job of explaining rather complex financial issues to non-financial people." - Susan Angel, UEFA”

“A very good overview of the financial statements and how they interact with each other. Plus some good insight about the financial ratios. Great teacher! Finance can be a dry topic and he managed to make it quite lively." - Thibaut Siegmann, FMI”

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