Hybrid Agile / Classical Project Management for Increased Performance (VIRTUAL) pdf

Many businesses and project managers are faced with a choice of choosing a traditional plan-driven approach (or what is sometimes called “Classical" or “Waterfall”) or a more Agile approach for their projects. This can be a very important decision with significant business impact.

However, there are many stereotypes and misconceptions that exist about both “Agile" and “Classical" that can be very confusing and misleading. As an example, many people see this as a binary and mutually-exclusive choice between two extremes and attempt to force-fit projects to one of these two approaches when the right solution is to go in the other direction and fit the approach to the project.

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Since this is such a critical decision that has such a big impact, it's very important to get past these stereotypes and misconceptions and:

  • Develop a clear objective understanding of what it means (or doesn't mean) when people talk about "Agile versus Classical".
  • See these two approaches in a fresh new perspective as complementary to each other rather than competitive
  • Learn how to blend the two approaches in the right proportions to fit any given situation to get the best of both worlds

Rather than force-fitting a project to one of these extremes, a much better approach is to fit the methodology to the nature of the project. Sometimes that requires blending the two approaches together in the right proportions to fit the situation to get the best of both worlds. It takes more skill to do that and this workshop will help you achieve this.

Content of this Hybrid Classic / Agile Project Management virtual workshop

  • Overview of classical project management
  • Overview of agile methods
  • The Goal: Get the best of both worlds with the right blend of agile and classical project management
  • Hybrid Agile model – what is it, how does it work and why use it?
  • Comparing Agile and Classical plan-driven methodologies
  • How to make a Hybrid Agile model work in real life
  • Real-world examples
  • Consequences for the project structure and company organization

Methods of this Hybrid Project Management course

The course is interactive, fun, and interesting. We keep the participants actively involved throughout this workshop, using a little theory, and then immediately practicing in a safe, comfortable environment. Participants walk out with real skills that they can start to apply immediately. The course is taught by highly experienced practitioners.

Each participant will choose 3 objectives for their Personal Action Plan to achieve within the following 3 months, based on what they learned during the workshop. We will arrange a group conference call 3 months after the workshop with the trainer to go through the Personal Action Plan, in order to debrief on what each participant achieved, and if not, why not. This ensures that each participant applies the theory learned during the workshop.

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