Productive Teams: Wellness in Workplace Workshop pdf

This ½ or 1 day interactive workshop is based on both theory and practice:

  • Being healthy and staying active every day
  • What impact does adequate physical activity have on improving motivation, self-confidence, balance and well-being?
    • nutritional advice and lifestyle
    • health and Team Building
    • personal assessment and objectives
  • Circuit Training and various easy exercises that need no particular physical condition


Participants receive comprehensive information and tools to better manage their well-being in everyday life.
The teams improve their overall productivity.
Decisions to change are boosted by individual commitment to the group.
Better health = less absenteeism.
Better health = more efficient = more successful projects.

Agenda of our workplace wellness workshop

  • What does being healthy mean
  • The impact of physical activity on your health
  • Become and stay active: Tips and tricks
  • How to train?
  • The basics of Nutrition
  • Team building and health
  • Individual assessment and objectives
  • Practice
  • Debriefing

Objectives of our workplace wellness workshop

  • Understand the different aspects of health
  • Awareness and implementation of new behaviors related to health
  • Setting simple and realistic goals for the short term, and establish a long-term vision
  • Perform daily activities more efficiently, with more energy and enthusiasm

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