Managing change in Organisations

This 2-day interactive course is based on a structured methodology, using examples, exercises, and case studies:
- To facilitate the change process underway within the organisation
- To support the organisation in understanding the importance of Change Management
- To provide a vital skill for any Project Manager and Team Member
- To create the basis for team building

Managing Change

Objectives of the Managing Change in Organisations Course

After this training participants will be able to:
• Understand the process of managing change
• How people resist change
• How to plan for change implementation
• How to identify and manage emotional responses to change
• How to diminish and manage negative reactions to change
• How to communicate efficiently change implementation plans
• Effective coaching

Benefits of the Managing Change in Organisations Course

• Participants understand more about the Change Management process
• Groups learn to communicate and work together more efficiently
• Projects are implemented successfully
• Employees work with the solutions rather than against them
• The time, money and resources invested in the whole project are not wasted
• Confidence in management increases
• A clear, shared vision of the future is ensured

Managing Change in Organisations course content

- Change Management Methodology
- Driving Forces of Change
- Dynamics of Change
- The Value of Change Management
- Roles
- Implementation
- Success Factors
- Managing Resistance
- Coaching

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