Facilitation of Groups and Workshops

Facilitating is helping a group of people understand their common objectives. A facilitator assists the group to plan or achieve a common project without taking position in the discussion.

Our faciliation of group and workshop 2-day course is fun, intensive and interactive, and gives a thorough knowledge of how to facilitate a meeting, a course or a workshop. It provides confidence, knowledge, tools and techniques as well as experience in a safe environment.


The course is suited to those who need skills in handling difficult situations, groups and people, and how to help groups come to good, clear and shared decisions. We use little theory and lots of practice in facilitating, with active feedback, video recording, discussion and exercises.

Goals of our Facilitation of Groups and Workshops Training

Assist a group in:
- Helping clarify goals and objectives
- Design a process for achieving these goals and objectives
- Lead the group through the process to successful results

Learn how to facilitate in difficult situations:
- Disagreements
- Low energy levels
- High energy levels
- Dominant persons
- Preventing put-downs
- Redirecting questions from the group

Learn group decision making techniques such as:
- Brainstorming
- Prioritizing ideas
- Nominal Group Technique
- Cause-and-effect
- etc...

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