Team Motivation in uncertain times pdf

This workshop aims to bring back a clear vision, a sense of belonging and motivation to the Team. In these disturbing times, it is more important than ever to find a common ground to build the future. During the whole workshop, thinking out of the box and creative games will be used to find a new paradigm, a fresh impetus and show the Team that there are always solutions to be found.

Team motivation
Reassurance audit – 1h30 Assessment of the situation, how the employees feel, what they expect from the company, managers, and colleagues and understand what each member needs to feel safe at work (mentally and physically): - State of mind/ motivation - Communication - Health and safety - Other difficult subjects/difficulties encountered lately Goal : Clarify and understand the unsaid (frustrations, fears, concerns…)

The big why – 5h Brainstorming: - Boost motivation, what the Team likes to do, would like to do more… - Find the common values that all the Team members share - Brainstorm on the impact the Team wants to have on the company, on their clients’ lives, society - Reveal the big why, the clear common vision - Decide on a statement that works for everyone Goal: reveal the true motivation to move forward and stay on track whatever happens

Back to reality: 1h30 - Define how everyone fits in - Decide what changes need to be adopted - Empower every member to belong to the vision Goal: have concrete actions to implement and a clearer view on the upcoming improvements

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