Management skills for new managers

When you move to a management position for the first time, it can be daunting. You may not fully understand your new role, you may not know your team, and you may even have been promoted from amongst your ex-colleagues. Unless you get it right quickly, you will become frustrated, and the team will not work together as it should.

  • How do you manage a team?
  • How does your role change?
  • What are the team's expectations?
  • What should your expectations be?
  • How do you motivate?
  • How do you lead?
Coaching and mentoring

This 2-day fun workshop uses useful exercises, tools and techniques to show you how to really manage a team. It covers:
• Team building
• Communication in teams
• Management functions
• Team management

BENEFITS of our Management Skills for New Managers training

Management for New Managers uses the principle of “little theory, much practice” allowing you to take back real skills, tools, and techniques.

It is a course tailored to the needs of new managers, who are taking on the job and role of team manager for the first time, and who need a quick and effective introduction to this new step in their lives.

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