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The pressures of work and life require a high level of organization and energy in order to maintain a critical balance. Therefore, in order to remain efficient and take pleasure in your daily activities, it is necessary to carefully manage your physical and mental health, and this has become an ongoing challenge for many people.

Our "Productivity" innovative program is designed for individuals and businesses who understand the critical link between professional success and personal health in order to achieve better performance.
Our comprehensive, simple and proven technique - Explore, Transform and Evolve (ETE) - will give you the tools you need to progress day to day and achieve exponential results.

Productivity enhancement course

Objectives of our Productivity Training

  • Be more effective in your daily activities with more energy and enthusiasm
  • Understand the impact of health on productivity and quality of life
  • Manage stressors
  • Learn to stand back and prevent burnout
  • Define and implement new behaviors that improve your health
  • Set and achieve simple and realistic short-term goals, and develop a long-term vision


This interactive program is rolled out in three stages:
Workshop I - 1 day (followed by two weeks of practice)

  • Introduction and wake-up training
  • What does it mean to be healthy?
  • What is the impact of health on your productivity?
  • The impact of physical activity on your health
  • Manage your energy : anti - burnout resources
  • Nutrition is simple
  • How to organize yourself to reduce stress
  • Group activity - brainstorming
  • Circuit Training
  • Personal checkup and goals

Workshop II - 1/2 day (followed by 2 weeks of practice)
  • Wake -up training
  • Group activity - feedback
  • Change your physical activity according to your priorities
  • Manage your food in all situations
  • Group Training
  • Update personal goals

Workshop III - 1/2 day
  • Wake -up training
  • Group activity - feedback
  • Safe physical activity for all
  • Develop strength as well as physical and mental stamina
  • Circuit Training
  • Summary and Next Steps

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