First Impressions, NLP and Negotiation

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of attitudes and real-life behaviors that externalise what one feels inside. Mastering NLP allows you to change, adopt or eliminate behaviors.

NLP is thus a powerful tool for making a good first impression and for the subsquent meetings. It can also be used to drive negotiations towards your direction.

First Impression NLP Negotiation

This 2-day course gives a basic overview to ensure that you make a good first impression, understand your clients and their body language, use your own body language to best effect, and negotiate successfully. This course is for all those who have contact with clients and suppliers, or who simply want to improve their interactions with other people both professionally and personally.

It provides hints and tips, knowledge, tools and techniques as well as experience in a safe environment. We use little theory and lots of practice, with active feedback, discussion and exercises.

Goals of our First Impressions NLP and Negotiation Course

- First Impressions: The 7 First Impressions Fundamentals ; Overcoming a Bad First Impression ; The 4 Social Gifts ; The Brand Called YOU

- NLP when Reading Others: The Basics of NLP ; Reading your clients' Body Language ; Using your own body language effectively

- Negotiation: The 6 Steps to Success ; 4 Questions; The 6 Principles

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