Virtual Classroom Training

With Virtual Classroom training, we hold real, live training courses with an experienced, live trainer, and up to 10 participants. The difference is that the course is held in a virtual classroom environment.

All of our courses, except “Presentation Skills” and “Facilitating Meetings and Workshops” can be held in the Virtual Classroom. We use the platform of your choice. We have adapted our course material and exercises to the virtual environment, to give participants as full an experience as possible. We send any pre-work and a copy of the material to the participants before the training sessions, and follow up after the sessions with post-work.

Virtual Classroom Trainings Europe and Switzerland

People find that it takes 10-15 minutes to become used to the virtual environment, and it then feels like a normal classroom. They all see the same slides and white board. They can talk, discuss, break into separate rooms for exercises, draw, laugh, clap, raise their hands and interact, just like in a normal classroom.

Advantages of the Virtual Classroom Trainings

• No travel
• No extra expenses
• No training room required
• Each participant can join the class from their normal work - desk or whilst tele - working
• 2 or 4 hours sessions, so participants are more present at work
• Recorded sessions so participants can review the sessions afterwards

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