Teambuilding Workshop: Writing and producing a play

A Teambuilding seminar that uses the process of setting up a show with rotating roleplay and functions as a tool to experience what is needed to build up and maintain a successful team.

This workshop trains participants to face stress, pressure and conflict through serious playfulness, recognition and acknowledgement of self and others. Practical teachings and exercises that derive from Improv theatre work switch presence from mental to spontaneous body-emotions and participants become sensitive to underlying group dynamics.

Teambuilding Workshop Switzerland

People recognize and address the best in others, themselves and the project with humility by experiencing a true service mindset. The set tone is nonjudgmental. Nonviolent communication tools and team games help overcome shyness and fear of “showing up”. Coaching techniques just as curiosity scouting and coaching interviews open spontaneous creativity.

The process creates a flow within the team while energy is not bound by internal friction. Trust and awareness are created by taking “drama” and presumed “meaning” out of situations . These topics will be addressed and acted out in a light and humorous way. The roles are chosen in order to make members feel “seen” and acknowledged, reflect their individuality, skills and curiosity. They inspire to grow beyond the usual framework of action. Everybody has various and rotating roles to experience the equal importance of different functions within a team. All participants choose roles they always wanted to play or never dared to, slip into new identities or experience the ones of their idols.

Team Building outline

Participants are advised to bring clothes that are suitable for a play, both for themselves and for other participants in order to create a common stock of props. We suggest bringing anything funny , crazy and weird… During the seminar team meetings are held in order to understand the dynamics between the team, to create awareness and to keep the “flow”. In addition, movement and relaxation pauses are planned throughout the day.

At the end of the workshop the show will take place. A well-meaning audience can be invited, if the team agrees. In a final round ideas will be gathered to implement the gains and insights into everyday work life situations.

    Day one:
  • Presentation and introduction
  • Physical and mental exercises to gain presence
  • Light and playful exercises to loosen up, banish shyness and fear through group and Improv games
  • Introduction of acknowledgement and recognition techniques
  • Coaching Interviews to find the individual roles to act out
  • Setting up different scenes in little groups
    Day two:
  • Refining scenes and arranging the show
  • Every participant plays different roles, is protagonist, supports the act of others on stage, will do backstage support, presenter, technician, logistics/coordinator and jolly

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