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This e-learning course has been designed for people who have to manage a project or a team. It allows project or team managers to grasp and develop the fundamentals essential for leadership. If they are not able to attend a full leadership skills training session, our e-Learning Project Management Team Leader will ensure to get their leadership skills trained nevertheless.

Leadership eLearning

At the end of the course, the learner will have acquired a sound knowledge of team management, chairing meetings, negotiation, conflict management... In addition, specific behavioural training lessons will confront the learner with various problems or situations of crisis he has to resolve: thus, he will have been able to discover or exercise himself in the best interpersonal practice. With little theory and much practice, this course focuses on interactivity: great demands are made on the participant who is confronted with problems that he has to solve by doing numerous exercises, lesson by lesson.

In only 12 hours, the participant acquires hands-on knowledge that they can immediately put into practice.

Contents of E-learning Project Management Team Leader

The e-learning course comprises the following topics:
• Setting up and leading a team, teamwork and performance
• Launching a virtual team, appropriate rules and tools for leading and supervising a team
• Preparing and managing meetings
• Organization and time management, definition and follow-up of priorities
• Conflict solving
• Negotiation basics and principles (preparation, techniques, solution)
• Communication and relationships

Contents of E-learning Project Management Team Leader

The e-learning course limits theoretical aspects to the essential basics and promotes interactivity: the learner is highly challenged and confronted with problems he needs to learn to solve on his own by means of numerous exercises.

Each module comprises the following elements:
• The “Theory” presents the essentials in a few words: what is this all about?
• The “Exercises” offer interactive study by solving case studies.
• “How to do …” specifies a systematic course of action.
• The “Example” illustrates one or two specific experiences.
• The “Checklist” includes the important points you should never forget.
• The “Pitfalls” emphasize the traps to avoid.
• The “Test” allows you to verify the acquisition of concepts.

Certain exercises are based on the VideoTrain concept: the available simulations are using video sequences which will confront the learner with 15 selected situations in order to test his managerial skills in terms of anticipation, communication, problem solving and negotiation. This course will provide the participant with 15 PMI® PDUs.

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