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If you are not able to attend a full project management training session, our e-Learning Project Management Course takes place according to an original concept of blended learning that includes an individual e-learning followed by a group workshop. This part of the training completes the participant’s initiation to project management by putting the emphasis on the practical and behavioral aspects. All project management aspects, and especially the human factors, are addressed with numerous practical examples, case studies and role plays. Three elements distinguish the method used during this workshop:
1. Alternating between theory, simulation and sharing experience
2. Use of a project simulator, unique in his kind
3. Teamwork

Project Management eLearning

This project management training allows the beginner to acquire the essential basics necessary for everyone who will have to lead, or play an important role in a project.

With little theory and much practice, this course focuses on interactivity: great demands are made on the participant who is confronted with problems that he has to solve by doing numerous exercises, lesson by lesson. In only 12 hours, the participant acquires a pertinent knowledge that he/she can immediately put into practice.

Goals of E-learning Project Management Fundamentals

At the end of this training the participants will have acquired a solid knowledge of:
• Project culture and use of project management in organizations
• Profile and role of a project manager
• Basic techniques of project management
• Selecting and developing the project team
• Leadership and leading a team
• Specifying, planning and executing a project
• Controlling costs and schedule
• Taking measures in case of variances
• Optimizing the project execution

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