New Business Development Course

New Business Development is the “seeding of grains for future harvests”, aiming at exploiting and capitalizing on new business growth opportunities. However, it is one of the most difficult and controversial management functions to cope with in an efficient way, as, by definition, each New Business Development is imperatively different and will rarely be achieved unless the management procedures to deal with each project are adapted to its specific circumstances.

Too many companies deal with New Business Development as an “occasional side activity”, paying “affordable expenses for imaginary hopes”, for occasional “trial and error exercises”, and without devoting the required management attention for its success. The companies which succeed are mainly those which devote their management engagement and expertise to conduct each New Business Development individually, as is appropriate in each case.

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Overview of this New Business Development training

This workshop covers the most important issues to consider in any New Business Development activity, for example:
• initial project definition
• staffing and suitable organizational setup
• operating procedures on how to identify, pursue and evaluate any potential opportunities for new business developments

This workshop is aimed at decision-making top/middle management who may already be pursuing, or aim at undertaking, major New Business Developments. It comprises a comprehensive collection of all the important issues to be considered for efficient New Business Development, which will be presented to and discussed with the course participants.

The workshop leader, Lars Moeller, who has conducted an impressive number of major New Business Developments around the world as senior executive at major multinational companies, is now acting as a consultant to share his unique and valuable experiences in this very specific field.

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